Thursday, October 20, 2011

More reasons to hate apple

OS X Notifier App Growl Goes Closed Source
this is exactly why I hate apple this is where software development goes the wrong direction.  we shouldn't be taking open source and make you closed source so we can make a quick buck.   shame on apple I hope you end up with a big fat law suit.

alternative hiring

Gnarly Programming Challenges Help Recruit Coders
I wonder how many of these people don't fit the job description.  I've always said you don't have to have a degree to be a good programmer.  This goes to prove that the traditional model doesn't always work when it comes to programming.  I'm in favor of hiring based on skills not based on a phd od degree.

48 hours?

Coding Games In 48 Hours
How does one keep sane coding for that long?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Free Standford AI Classes

Stanford University School of Engineering offers free online courses (October-December, 2011) for the following topics:
* Artifical Intelligence:
* Databases:
* Machine Learning:

Comparing files across linux or unix boxes

I recently had the problem of needing to compare files across linux boxes. The problem was that I wanted to diff them easily. After some trial and error I found out how to easily diff two files on two different boxes.

ssh "cat /var/www/html/myfile.php" |diff - myfile.php

What this does is SSH into the box, then cat the output of the file. This is piped into diff and then compared to the local file.

I used the -b option as well (though not shown) to ignore white space changes since they were html files.

This saved a lot of time comparing files vs copying them to a local filesystem and doing a diff there.