Thursday, September 04, 2008

1PB Storage, $17,8800 Not bad eh?

So today while looking at the tiger direct deal for a $149 1TB SATA drive I wondered "just how long before someone has the 1PB (Petabyte) system. Well quick search into google and I found one. Check this article out.

What is interesting is that a 1GB Seagate drive in 1995 cost $849, today, a 1TB drive for end consumers (13 years later) is only $149 at Tiger Direct. So how long for the 1TB drive?

Doing the math you can get 1200 SATA drives, chain 'em together and get 1PB of storage. A bit pricey for me though.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Google Chrome Anyone?

Wow, what a great first impression. I downloaded Google Chrome today. Installed the beta and now have it currently set as my default browser. I tried the IE8 beta and instantly turned it back to IE7 Compatibility. With Chrome I've only submitted 2 sites now that haven't looked right. IE8 I didn't bother because everything looked funky.

Now being who I am I have to start digging into Chrome and under the hood. From a web developer standpoint I think Chrome will fair well so far. Out of the box websites look good. I dont see huge problems in compatibility. DOM seems to be sane and jQuery heavy pages work just fine.

I like the clean look however IMHO google has very minimalist applications. Why GoogleTalk is still lacking features like grouping is beyond me. This post is about Chrome though.

I have to say it is worth trying out. I enjoy using it and unlike the IE8 beta I dont feel like i'm being forced anything down my throat. Guess that's why Microsoft Developers leave for google all the time. Why don't I work for Google?

It's no surprise I'm a google fan and I like the fresh thinking with the browser. Seems fast, looks great and does the job. I'll blog about it later after I've kicked the tires some more. So far only good things to say...