Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Quick Test Case

Quick Test Case (Or QTC) give programmers an QA staff with limited time and budget the ability to develop effective test cases for application testing.

Many software development departments and independent programmers lack the time and money to properly test software. The reality is that many companies fail to see the benefit in software engineering and testing regardless of the proven benefits.

QTC It is not designed to be a fully featured UML or other CASE tool but a low budget alternative. With QTC you can develop test cases while you are coding your software. In eXtreme Programming (XP) environments testing is often overlooked. QTC allows you to get test cases written quickly.

QTC also allows smaller programming shops a leg up in quality. Often software publishers do no more testing than what the programmer can think of. Using QTC allows you to write test cases and allow others to interact with the published documents.

QTC Features:

  • Uses most common elements of test case design.
  • Easy to tab-through interface allows the test case writer to write cases quickly.
  • Easy to spot icons show case status at a glance.
  • Case documents are in XML which can be imported into future CASE products.
  • Reports of any kind can be written with XSLT.
  • It's Free!

    Downloading And Installation

    Simply download the file, and run the .MSI installer.



Anonymous said...

I downloaded and installed QTC but all the fields to fill in are greyed out, so I can't create a test case. What gives?

Robert Mech said...

You need to create a new case FILE->NEW before you can enter information. Once you do that, click NEW CASE to add one to your case file.

Anonymous said...

I'd SWEAR I did that :-S. It's just a tad unintuitive to have to create a "new" twice. I see the thought process now. I'm a usability engineer by trade so just ignore me if this seems fussy.

Robert Mech said...

Not fussy at all. Please feel free to email me details on how you would have improved upon it to my email address and I can shoot for it in the next release.

Anonymous said...

Pretty nice tool, but one would understand using it much faster if you attach some examples to it.
Or even some downloadable QTC examples at your webpage would be great.


Anonymous said...


It's a damn nice tool.
But don't you thinkin' about support import from .pas files?
That would be even nicer!;)


Unknown said...

Its a nice and useful tool, but: When I open a saved xml in a web browser, there is a difference between layout of its content in IE 7 or 8b1, and per example Firefox

While in IE all looks great, in FF there are "br" tags wisible.

Is there a way to manually fix it?