Wednesday, October 18, 2006


PhotoCopy is a plug in that allows you to copy files from your memory card, to the photo location in gppvr. You can also rotate and preview photos before copying.

Downloading and Installing

The latest version of the PhotoCopy plugin is v1.1.


This plugin has been tested with GB-PVR v98.8b


You must have at least 1 “Photo Folder” already setup in GBPVR under config. Because this is a new Plugin there are no skins available for it. Because of this, you’ll need to move the skin\blue\PhotoCopy directory in the zip file (which contains the skin.xml file) into your skin directory. If you are using the BLUE skin (GBPVR DEFAULT) then simply unzipping this into your GBPVR directory will work just fine.

Using the Plugin

You’ll need to select the source. Just use the SRC button to change to which drive you want to copy from. Then, select the destination. You’ll do this by using the DST: button. This is read from the config.xml in GBPVR. You choose these based on what’s setup in the config.

Then click SCAN MEDIA and it will go through and find all pictures on the disk.

From there you’ll need to go through each one and move it or copy it.

There is no “Copy All” button yet, this is by design. I felt that the whole reason I was writing this is because I needed to rotate pictures before moving them. If I copy all of them I’m back to where I stared.

CONTROLS: The controls are based off of the STANDARD keymappings. Here are what controls will respond


>> = ^F (Rotate Picture)

<< = ^D (Rotate Picture the other way)

REC = ^K - Move File to destination folder

PLAY = ^P - Copy file to destination folder



This plugin is discussed in the Developers forum

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